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Windows Media




Streaming Media

Add pre-recorded product demos, broadcast a major live net event, or deliver online corporate training all on your web site.

Let the Internet media professionals at Cyber-Logics help you add high-quality on-demand audio/video or live webcasting to your site! Cyber-Logics will be there every step of the way to make your streamed audio/video project a total success from beginning to end.

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Complete Technical Flexibility
When you work with Cyber-Logics, you have complete technical flexibility, choosing from Windows Media Technologies, Shoutcast or Adobe Flash at a range of Internet connection speeds. Use a cost-effective streaming server environment, or a high-performance dedicated streaming server available in a wide range of speeds and configurations to meet your capacity.

Streaming Media Hosting
Nothing stresses servers and networks like streamed media. That's why Cyber-Logics delivers streamed audio/video over high-speed connections directly to the Internet backbone. We have designed and built fully redundant high-speed Internet connections, utilizing the latest high-end internetworking equipment. When Cyber-Logics hosts your streamed audio/video event, you will get the maximum performance you need to achieve your business goals. Our network resources allow you to reach thousands of streaming media viewers over the Internet worldwide. For businesses with especially high traffic volumes or multiple stream files, we offer dedicated streaming media hosting solutions.

For More Information
For interest in Live Streaming Media services please email Cyber-Logics or call 1-201-437-3400 and we will promptly assist you.

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