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Easy To Administer, Easy To Use
If you want an e-mail messaging system without the in-house hassles of IT support or hardware and software purchases, Cyber-Logics has a message for you - CyberMail.

CyberMail can provide you with an easily accessible, reliable e-mail messaging service at a fraction of the price of setting up and maintaining your own e-mail server. You can manage your own users and passwords if you'd like, while Cyber-Logics handles the back end or simply have us manage it all. Whether you're a small company, a large corporation, an Internet Service Provider or a portal, CyberMail is fully scalable to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Communication doesn't end at a specific computer terminal. We don't think e-mail should either. That's why CyberMail provides a variety of convenient, easy-access options. Your users can access their e-mail accounts through traditional e-mail programs (POP3), through a Web browser (WebMail) or through other Internet or wireless devices (IMAP4 access). You choose. IMAP technology is especially valuable for users who read their e-mail on wireless devices such as cell phones or a PDAs. Messages remain on the server for greater convenience and security, and only the header is downloaded upon connection. That way, large messages don't tie up their Internet connections

The Cost-Benefit Quotient
Not only is CyberMail fast and reliable, it also saves you money. You won't need a technician to maintain your mail server, so your IT team can focus on core business tasks. Plus, you'll stay ahead of the technology curve without additional investment in servers, software or training of personnel. That means faster implementation time for you as new features come on board for e-mail.

CyberMail Basic Features
Cyber-Logics offers convenient, flexible e-mail packages designed to fit your organization's needs.

  • Accessibility
    - POP3 Access
    - WebMail Access
    - IMAP Access
  • Upto 10Gb Storage Quota
  • Read Mail Retention
  • Unread Mail Retention
  • Domain Name Support
  • Nicknames & Aliases per Mailbox
  • Group Mailing Lists
  • Auto Reply / Vacation Messages
  • Delivery Status Notification
  • Quota Notification Message
  • Change Password
  • View / Edit Account Preferences
  • Message Forwarding

Optional Services
Migration Services - If you have internal servers or legacy systems, Cyber-Logics professional services will help migrate your company to CyberMail from your existing system.

Mailbox Backup Services - perform weekly or daily data backups of all your mailboxes.

Storage Quota - Increased disk storage beyond the standard quota for each mailbox.

For a reliable, scalable e-mail solution for your company, ISP or portal, contact Cyber-Logics for more information today



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