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Web & Application Server Appliances


Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Cyber-Logics Web Hosting gives you all the benefits of operating your own in-house Web site, but none of the headaches that come with installing, administering and purchasing the equipment. Cyber-Logics maintains an environmentally controlled Internet Data Center with multiple backup systems and top-notch security, so you don't have to. In addition, you connect to the Internet directly through the high-speed, fault-tolerant network backbones to ensure fast, reliable access to your Web site all day, all night. Cyber-Logics provides round-the-clock monitoring and support of its network and of its customers' Web pages, to make sure they are functioning properly.

Cloud Computing
Cyber-Logics provides consulting services that enable companies to create scalable web solutions running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are reliable, easy to manage, scalable, and cost savings. Cyber-Logics will help you with deploying highly scalable web applications using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). Contact us today to learn more about this exciting and cutting edge technology.

Dedicated Hosting

Give your business the power to run ahead of the pack with Cyber-Logics's scalable dedicated hosting services. Dedicated hosting offers more RAM, faster processing, and more disk space than shared hosting, and - best of all - no other websites reside on your server to disrupt your performance. This increased speed and reliability makes Cyber-Logics's dedicated server offerings ideal for mission-critical sites and businesses that generate heavy traffic or have database-driven content.

Choose from these Dedicated Platforms:
- Microsoft Windows
- Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS)
- FreeBSD
- Sun Solaris

To choose a server platform, or get more info on a custom Dedicated server configuration just right for you email or call the Cyber-Logics Sales Team today! 1.201.437.3400

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